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Princess By RENEE Snowball Lip Balm for Pre-teen Girls | Moisturizes, Softens & Heals Dry Lips | Enriched with Shea butter, Cocoa Butter & Vitamin E | Free of Parabens & Petroleum jelly, 3gm-1679465554




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? Moisturizes and Softens Dry Lips: The Princess By RENEE Snowball Lip Balm is specially designed for pre-teen girls, and it moisturizes, softens, and heals dry lips. Its unique formula is enriched with shea butter, cocoa butter, and vitamin E, which are well-known for their nourishing and hydrating properties.
? Gentle and Safe: This lip balm is gentle and safe for pre-teen girls. It is free of parabens and petroleum jelly, which are commonly found in many lip balms but can cause irritation and allergic reactions. The Princess By RENEE Snowball Lip Balm is made with natural ingredients that are gentle on delicate pre-teen skin.
? Long-lasting Moisture: This lip balm provides long-lasting moisture and protection to your lips. Its unique formula locks in moisture and prevents dryness, leaving your lips feeling soft and supple throughout the day.
? Adorable Packaging: The Princess By RENEE Snowball Lip Balm comes in an adorable Unicorn-shaped packaging that pre-teen girls will love. It is small enough to fit in their pockets or bags, making it convenient to carry around and use whenever needed.

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