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VGRASSP 400 in 1 TV Compatible Classical Handheld SUP Video Game Console for Kids - 8 Bit Classic Two Players Supgame (Multicolor)-1679213579


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Built-in 400 Classical Games: This gaming console has 400 unique nostalgic games such as Contra, Super Mario, Mortal Kombat and many more to bring you back to your childhood.
Portable and Easy to Use: Easy to carry because of its slim design. Compact and light weight handheld game console, so you can play anytime, anywhere and enjoy the fun of being a child again.
Support 2 Players & Play on TV : The package also contains a gamepad to connect to the handheld game, so that two people can also play games. The 2.8-inch LCD screen can be connected to the TV via the AV output, so you can easily enjoy lively and exciting video games on the big screen.
Rechargeable battery : The package also contains a 1020mAh capacity rechargeable lithium battery. The battery can be charged within 1 hour and can work for 7 hours after fully charged. So you dont have to worry about running out of power and can enjoy to your fullest.

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