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Gas Saver Burner Stand Gas Burner Cover Gas Saver Jali Home Gas Stove Fire & Windproof Energy Saving Stand Gas Stove Stand Protector Max Gas Saviour (Small, 1)-1679062061




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Easy to Install: Easy to install without accessories, the windshield buckle is aligned with the claws of the hob, it is convenient to put it down directly, and the operation is simple.
Energy Saving: With the gas stove wind shield bracket, the fire can be concentrated and not dispersed, and the heat is locked. It only needs about 2/3 of the original firepower to achieve the original firepower effect to reduce heat energy loss and accelerate the cooking speed.
Premium Alloy : Voltonix Made of high-quality alloy material, resistant to high temperature burning, and easy to clean.
Fit and Practical: Featured by the card slot design, the card slot firmly clamps the claw, suitable for all kinds of stoves.

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