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Unibic Assorted Pack Crispy Wafer Cubes 450g Pack of 3, Waffer cookie with Creme-Filling Delicious and Healthy Snacks-1678969300




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?CRUNCHIEST WAFER - 3 yummy flavours Chocolate Hazelnut, Belgian Chocolate and English Strawberry. Dip your wafer in chocolate and garnish with your favorite topping.
?DELICIOUS SNACK - Satisfy your sweet tooth with an indulgent snack that hits the spot! Each bag contains delicious bite-size Unibic wafer cookies, these wafer cookies are great for sneaking a quick indulgence into a busy schedule. Our resealable cookie pouch helps you to keep the wafers fresh and crispy.
?TEA PARTNER - What goes best with a cup of tea? A delicious Unibic wafer cookie! Whether it is a black tea, grean tea, white tea or herbal infusions Unibic wafer cubes is a great companion for any type of your favorite hot or iced tea specialty. The ideal partner for a coffee break at home or in the office.
?IDEAL DESSERT -This family-sized bag is the perfect snack for your work or study break, game or movie night with friends and loved ones and the ideal dessert to share at a pick-nick or barbecue.

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