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Mittal Teas | Masala Tea chai | Black Tea , Fennel, Ginger, Black Pepper, Cinnamon , Green Cardamom, Rose, Clove, Tulsi | Organic Indian Tea Blended with Herbs, Masala Chai-1678949372




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Depression and Anxiety: Masala tea acts as a refreshment and relieves from depression and anxiety. The caffeine content of masala tea helps to restore a sense of energy and vitality. Mood swings can be handles with masala tea. Cardamom in masala tea helps to control feeling on mood swings. Starting a day with a cup of masala tea reduces the chances of bad day.
Digestive Problem: Masala tea enhances digestion process. It eliminates all the problems related to digestion. The herbs and spices used in making masala tea help to cure all the digestive problems. Each spice and herb are specialized in dealing with several digestive ailments such ginger is for stomach ache, pepper for gastric juices and etc.
Inflammation: It holds anti-inflammatory properties. Widely this tea is used for drinking during sick days. It cures chronic diseases and is a must for people suffering from arthritis. As such masala tea is an Ayurveda drink with no steroids and only herbs to it.
Weak Immunity: Spices and herbs used in masala tea help in strengthening immunity. Ginger and cardamom hold immunity boosting properties.

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