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Favoto Anti-Fog| Anti Glare Visor Mirror Rainproof| Waterproof HD Car Rearview Mirror Film (Pack of 4)-1678884169




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?️ Functionalism Rear view mirror film anti-fog film adopts PET protective layer and Nano-coating rain film, it has ultra-clear, anti-fog, anti-glare, anti-scratch, waterproof, rainproof and other functions.
?️ Safety and Security Car rear view mirror waterproof membrane is an innovation that can solve the trouble of not being able to clearly see the rear view mirror on rainy or foggy days, ensures the safety of driving in rainy days. Recommend to buy 2 Rear view mirror film, 2 side window films.
?️ Compatibility 6.9*7.9 inch rectangular and 5.9*3.9 inch oval universal design rear view mirror protective film, fit all standard size of car side mirrors, such as car, SUV, truck, taxis, buses, off-road vehicles, trailers etc.
?️ Rainproof mirror film adopts PET + 5-layer Nano coating protective film with high transmittance, water droplets can spread quickly, no condensation, transparency is up to 99.99%, high definition, clear vision and safer driving.

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