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Aromahpure Scented Candles (50 Hours) (100% Soy Wax )- Handcrafted | Smoke-Free | Sweet Bloom-Apple, Dark Desire- Chocolate, Coffee & Vanilla Fragrance Candles for Home & Gift Sets-1678882617




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Aromahpure Scented Candles are crafted with the finest sources of natural ingredients that are found in various plants, fruits, woods & flowers. These candles for home decor are best used for refreshing the environment & aromatherapy that also promotes health and well-being.
100% Pure Soy Wax Candles: The scented candles are made with natural high-quality Soy wax that is free from toxic ingredients and harsh chemicals. These aroma candles will release pure smoke that doesnt have harmful black smoke like other candles. It gives an angelic fragrance of the top nodes infused with 100% natural essential oils.
High-Quality Wick: Aromahpure Scented Candles are built with premium wicks that are made with twisted fibers to make the flames burn clean and consistent.
Upto 50 Hrs of Burning: Aromahpure Soy wax candles are considered one of the top premium candles that lasts longer than generic scented candles. The post-fragrance stays longer than a day in an enclosed room.

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