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Automatic Water Dispenser Pump | USB Rechargeable Battery Water Pump for 20 Litre Bottle | Electric Water Dispenser | Water Can Dispenser Pump with Built in Copper String Benefits (Multicolor)-1678710048




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EASY TO USE - No heavy lifting of water cans & hence ideal for women/ senior citizens. The automatic water dispenser pump has standard Bubble top cans for Home, Office, School, Factory or Hospital, etc. water dispenser jar is easy to operate and save time.
USB RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Water bottle pump dispenser has a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery electric water pump that can be used for a long time when fully charged. Once the electric water dispenser is charged, 4-6 bottles can be emptied on a single charge.
SAFE & HEALTHY ELECTRIC - Water bottle pump, with the benefits of copper, which is specially used for increasing water grade, water. Dispenser bottom loading has High-density ABS plastic shell, BPA-free drinking water dispenser, and high temperature resistance. water despenser brings healthy drinking water to your life.
SINGLE SWITCH CONTROL - Just press the switch button of the dispenser w,ater and you can get the water quickly; you can press the button again at any time to stop pumping. During pumping, it will have a bright blue colour LED bulb illumination.

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