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STAR WORK Moving Sand Art Decor - Round Moving Sand Art Frame, Sand Art Liquid Motion, Stress Relief, Suitable for Living Room, Office, Home, Art Gallery in White Frame (7 in, Green)-1678695887




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This moving sand art is colorful, the sand of each color has different proportions, clear layers, and has a 3D three-dimensional effect.
Moving sand art decor can create a unique atmosphere and style for your space.
Our desk sand art frame is durable, simple and beautiful. At the same time, sand art liquid motion is made of high-quality lead-free glass material, which is highly transparent, delicate quicksand, as clear as water droplets, and you can always enjoy the beauty of quicksand.
Sand art pictures moving with water, each time you turn the direction, you will get different shapes of mountains, oceans, snow-capped mountains, etc

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Mondelez Cadbury [CPS] IN

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