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DJOKR Signature Perfume For Men 100 ml | Eau De Parfum | Premium Luxury Long Lasting Fragrance Spray-1678450186




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????? is a mightily crafted EDP i.e. Eau De Parfum which is higher in concentration than other perfumes resulting in an ever-lasting fragrance.
????? Signature EDP is your best pal. Its vitality is friendly on masculine skin and performs an all-round performance, whether you are travelling, going to the office for an urgent meeting, or spending a laid-back Sunday at a friends place, this versatile EDP will never fail you.
????? Signature EDP has refreshing citrus and floral top notes as well as bold and intense woody base notes which makes it versatile to be worn during the day as well as night. 
One of the unique propositions of the Signature is that it does not contain any gas fragrance. It has been designed specifically to nurture its alluring and aromatic tones, meant for spraying at the pulse points. A simple dab on the key points is enough for effect to set in.

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