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Bodylastics 45cms Foam Roller for Deep Tissue Massage, Relief from Sore Muscles Pain, Pre & Post Exercise Fitness Workout Sessions-1678431117




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The Bodylastics massage roller is 45 cms long, lightweight yet rugged massage roller with triple grid 3D massage zones mimics the finger, palm, and thumb of a therapists hands. The set also includes a Massage Ball, Spike Ball & a Storage Bag.
This is a medium density muscle roller which is comfortable to use - making it easy for beginners, but still effective at penetrating the soft tissue layer of tired muscles. Soft enough to use while in pain from lower back injury, sciatica or plantar fasciitis.
This is one of the best recovery tools to treat muscle pain, increase performance and flexibility. Rolling before and after exercises are part of a great stretching routine. Increases blood flow and flushes away stored lactic acid.
Stretch the overworked and strained muscles of the legs, arms, and feet by rolling during your warm up and cool down sessions. Provides instant relief to the hamstring, IT band, gluts, and calves by delivering superior massage at home or in the gym.

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