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QUICK ONE-TOUCH RECORDING: The design of our mini digital voice recorder is so streamlined it has only 3 easy-to-use buttons and is activated with the simple flick of the on/off switch at the top of the device. You can set it to record continuously or upon voice activation. To charge it, attach the included USB cable and plug it into a computer or USB-compatible power source. It has a 10-hour battery life for recording or 5 hours for playback, and only requires 2 hours to fully charge.
SMALL BUT MIGHTY: The smallest recording device of its kind (0.7 in x 1.8 in x 0.24 in), our slim and lightweight recorder has the flexibility to be creatively placed in almost any location without getting noticed! It has an embedded amplified microphone, so clear professional-quality recordings can be produced. It also has 8GBs (90 hours) of audio storage, which is incredible considering it is the size of a paperclip!
COMPUTER NOT REQUIRED: Our little portable recorder couldn’t be more convenient! Since it is digital, you can listen to sound files directly from the device using the included headphones. The mp3 files can also be easily downloaded to any standard computer, where you will be able to date- and time-stamp them (on Windows only) or edit them. Playback is simple using VLC or other media players that are compatible with .WAV files. No special software is required to use this device.
VERSATILE USE: This handheld recording device is a must-have for college students, doctors, reporters, business owners and anyone else with important information to remember, especially since its long battery life enables it to remain on for an entire work or school day. Its ideal for recording lectures, meetings and conversations, but is also great for use at home to keep track of chores or just to hear how you sound singing in the shower!

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Mondelez Cadbury [CPS] IN

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