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CZARTECH Tempered Glass Screen Guard for iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7 Inch) with Easy Cleaning Kit (Pack of 1)-1678089142




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COMPATABILITY: Compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max (6.7-Inch) 2021
Made of High Alumina Glass - HD Clarity : Best in class raw materials chosen to render HD clarity so you can enjoy the original screen resolution, videos and games just the way they are.
Box includes : 1Pc Czartech Tempered Glass, Wet cleaning Wipe, Cleaning Cloth, Dust removal and alignment stickers. Watch our Tempered Glass application video on Czartech Website for correct and hassle free Do - It - Yourself application.
Fingerprint Resistant - Smooth Swiping : CZARTECH Duraglass is probably the smoothest tempered glass on the market, its so smooth its a delight for your thumbs, try this, you will keep swiping!! For your favorite gadget used all day long, you deserve a tempered glass that enhances your screen viewing and touch experience.

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