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CRISTAL Plastic Realistic & Classy Modern Design High Speed Remote Control Car, RC Vehicle Toy for Kids Above 3 Years (C.Kids_Remote Vehicle) (RC Car)-1678005687




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Thrill your kids by inviting their friends for a fun racing tournament. Light up their face with the gift theyve been dreaming of. This could be the best Birthday / Christmas gift for your kids.
Implest remote control for kids ,FORWARD -BACK , Press front button to go front and when you press back button it goes back and turns automatically
The convenient design of the product make it look very real. The compact size makes it easier to carry. It is also fast and attractive enough to keep your naughty one busy for hours on end.
Made with high quality ABS plastic materials, these toys are built to last 100% Safe and Non-Toxic Material, Highly detailed to look like a real car.

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