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IDELLA® Resistance Band for Workout ,Resistance Band Set of 11,Resistance Band for Heavy Workout-Resistance Band Foam Handle Door Anchor Pull Ankle Strap-1677937937




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LIFELONG GUARANTEE ON QUALITY & PREFERRED BY INTERNATIONAL ATHELETES AS A HIGH TRUST BRAND There are many options in this space, but you need to be sure of quality. Low quality bands can pose a severe risk in your workout by breaking or snapping within a week of use. Our Resistance Band set is of such high quality that there is a lifelong guarantee to customers for any quality issue. This is used by international athletes, gym trainers and professionals internationally.
GLOBAL QUALITY STANDARDS, ECOLOGICALLY SENSITIVE, SAFE & UNBREAKABLE Made from the purest 100% natural latex rubber, our durable & eco friendly tubes are made as per global quality standards. A favourite of professionals, our tubes are 60% thicker than other brands to provide for high elasticity, versatality and safety. The metal carbiners and hooks in our set are the sturdiest in the industry and provide for the strongest and safest grip.
FULL BODY VERSATILE EXERCISE AND CREATE A GYM AT HOME Beginner or expert, our resistance tubes have a permanent place in your home gym. Resistance Tubes give the twin benefit of working on your muscles like weights, and allowing for stretching (and toning) in your workout regimen. You can do chest, shoulder, abdominal, legs, biceps, back workouts in the comfort of your home. As you can comfortably perform over 200 exercises with our workout bands, you say a goodbye to expensive gyms and clubs
STACKABLE UPTO 150 LBS Our resistance bands come in 5 different resistance levels with color-coded, text descriptions. You can also stack the bands to increase resistance up to 150 lbs, if needed. Think of the set as a complete gym set, and you can choose to add intensity & variety for hundreds of exercises. In order to add more variety, install the door anchor attachment in the hinge of the door by threading it in a loop. Now use this loop to thread your resistance tube through it. Voila!

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