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RNTR Knife Sharpener Manual 3 Stage Knife Sharpener for Kitchen Knife Sharpener Rod Knives Sharpening Tool for Steel Knives-1677856198




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RNTR EASY TO CLEAN: Knife sharpener for kitchen has detachable blades section, which is used for fine, coarse and ceramic sharpening of the blunt knives, makes nife sarper easy to clean.
RNTR ANTI SKID DESIGN: knife sharpner ’s non-slip rubber base helps you to keep it in position while sharpening the blades and knife sharpening tool also has ergonomically designed handle for comfortable grip
RNTR HOW TO USE KNIFE SHARPENER : Draw knife in the same direction with slightly downward head but not too much pressure. Do not pull the knife backward and forward. Easy to use tool made from good quality materials for quickly sharpening blunt knives right at home
RNTR 3-STEP KNIFE SHARPENING SYSTEM: Knife sharpener tool has middle (PREP) diamond sharpening slot repairs and straightens damaged blades. 1st (SHARPEN) slot sharpens to restore its V-shape. Finally, the 3rd (FINISH) slot fine tunes for a clean polish

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