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YOHO Waves Men slippers with arch support |soft comfortable stylish and anti skid Mens Flip-Flops & Slippers in exciting color | Styles | Daily Use |Waves-1677775385




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Arch Support - our archflex Technology supports your arch to ensure no pain even after long usage as it lets the arch adjust to your feet’s shape.. A must for anyone with long standing hours.
Padded straps - We understand the discomfort of narrow and thin slipper straps cutting into your skin.. This is why we’ve taken extra care to give you broad and padded ones for your feet to want to keep wearing them all day long.
Soft Toe Separator (Luppi)- so soft, that it is crafted to go unnoticed.. No more toe rashes.
Most recommended brand by Orthopedic, and Diabetic doctors.All materials are chosen assuming you have a babys skin


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Valued Opinions [CPL] IN

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