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Kyari Live Rubber Plant with Red Self-Wjatering Pot | Black Prince | Ficus Elastica | Decorative Indoor Plant for Livingroom, Office and Home



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Size of the pot : 11.5 cm height | Pot material : Plastic | Pot colour : Red | Name of the plant : Black Rubber Plant | Special features : Air Purification, Good Health, Attractive | Suitable for : Living room, bedroom, office, indoor garden, balcony and more.
As the planter is made of plastic, it is durable. The self-watering pot keeps the plant hydrated and the fertilised coco peat soil protects the plant from bacteria and keeps it safe from pests.
The self-watering pot stores any excess water in the reservoir underneath. The roots then absorb the water via capillary action. The self-watering pot makes it easier to care for the plant as the plants can get water as and when required from the reservoir and you will have to water it less. As these require minimal care, they are the perfect plants for your office desk. The reservoir will prevent any spillage or leakage from the pot onto your desk or tabletop.
The Black Rubber Plant has a foliage of glossy dark green leathery leaves which seem black when looked at from a distance. This is why it is also known as "Black Prince". It has several beneficial properties. It freshens up the indoor air by removing toxins and purifying the air. It has no allergic properties. Black Rubber Plant has a unique yet stunning appearance due to its dark green leaves. This makes it a great option to be used as home or office decor.


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6 Review(s)

Raju Kumar
  • 2022-10-17 Verified

Fast and reliable service!

Ankit Gupta
  • 2022-10-31 Verified

Love the variety and quality, thanks for the amazing products!

Priyanka Verma
  • 2022-11-12

Love the fast shipping and selection!

Devendra Singh
  • 2022-11-04

Love the quality and affordability, thanks for the great shopping experience!

Arvind Mishra
  • 2022-12-29 Verified

Love the fast shipping and great prices, thanks for the exceptional experience!

Rahul Verma
  • 2022-12-25

Exceptional online store, fantastic collection of products!

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