MIRACULES Pro Heal Anti Rash Healing Spray for Chafing, Shoe Bites And Mosquito Bite designed for Skincare and Fitness Experts - 50 ml (Pack of 1)-1706177806




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Skin Type: This healing spray is dermatologically tested and Suitable for all skin types.
Speacial Features :- Treats and prevents chafing, caused by constant friction during physical movement.Also treats rashes, shoe bites, mosquito bites etc..Its fast absorbing, non sticky, sweatproof and creates a smooth film.
Ingredients: Aloe Vera Extracts Helps to heal and repair,Green Tea extract is a skin protectant,Oat extract restores skin microbiome,Calendula Extract has anti-inflammatory effect
Ingredients: Menthol has a cooling effect,Fenugreek extract has anti-inflammatory affect, Salibact acts as an anti-microbalagent

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