Sellastic Head Massager Vibration Machine,Portable Automatic Electric Rechargeable Handfree Octopus Massage with 3 Vibration Mode for Relaxation Stress Headache Pain Relief - 1 Year Warranty-1701624062




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【360° OMNIDIRECTIONAL MASSAGE HEAD】: This head massager comes with 10 independent vibrating touch points, while there are multiple massage points on the top of the massager. Covers the entire head in all directions to relieve head fatigue and pressure.
【5 MASSAGE MODES】: This scalp massager has a variety of modes for you to choose. Long press the button to switch between built-in 5 massage modes (beauty/relax/vital/sleep/soothing), offering different massage techniques to relieve stress and tension.
【DEEP RELAXATION】The head vibration tool also contains red light therapy. It promotes the blood circulation, helps against migraines and eliminates fatigue. Our head massager scalp is built in a vibration massage device with moderate vibration frequency. It makes your head feel relaxed and refreshed
【Wireless & Rechargeable】Made of high-strength ABS and silicone materials. Compact, rechargeable, cordless portable design allows you to massage anywhere on-the-go. This scalp massager will automatically shut off after 15 minutes of continuous use.

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