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Components: The package includes a piece set of rectangular plastic containers with lids. These are the perfect containers for meal prepping or storing leftovers, and ideal for work, school, and home. They also resist stains, odors, and flavors.
Multi-purpose: Beclina food storage container is ideal for a variety of foods and ingredients. A lid with easy-locking clips and an extended flexible seal helps keep food fresher for longer and the modular stacking design and rectangular shape help save valuable space.
High Quality: Made from lightweight and durable BPA-Free plastic, these Beclina storage containers are an indispensable addition to your storage and organizing needs. The containers and lids stack to save space, so you can put them away neatly until needed.
Leak-Proof: The lids for these larger food containers feature a 4-hinge locking system with silicone rubber that can snap on easily and achieve an airtight, watertight seal, keeping your food fresh and preventing any annoying leaks or spills in your bag, freezer, or refrigerator.


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