Carbamide Forte Vegan Protein Powder - Plant Based Pea Protein Powder with Multivitamin, Minerals, Superfoods, Digestive Enzymes - Alphonso Mango Flavour - 500g



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✔ BOOST MUSCLE GROWTH WITH 25G PEA PROTEIN POWDER & BROWN RICE PROTEIN: Our Plant Protein Powder contains essential amino acids, anti oxidants, superfoods, essential vitamins and minerals that target troubled muscle groups to give them the fuel they need to achieve maximum pump. A great way for both men and women to put on lean muscle.
✔ POST WORKOUT RECOVERY FOCUSSED VEGAN PROTEIN WITH ADDED BCAA: Our Plant Based Protein Powder contains 25g Pea Protein Isolate & Brown Rice Protein with 4g BCAA to help accelerate recovery from any type of training session. Our Plant based protein powder for Men & Women also helps to reduce post workout fatigue and soreness. Protein and essential vitamins and minerals after a workout can help your body rebuild broken down muscle and reduce recovery time.
✔ ADDED 13 MULTIVITAMIN & MINERALS COVERING 100% DAILY REQUIREMENT: You do not need to take an added multivitamin or probiotic with our protein powder. Each scoop of our Vegan Protein for Men & Women contains 13 Vitamins & Minerals giving you 100% of your daily requirements of all Vitamins & most Minerals.
✔ EASILY DIGESTED PROTEIN WITH NO BLOATING OR GAS: Plant Protein is easier to digest than whey or other milk based protein. Extra added dose of Digestive Enzymes in our Vegan Protein Powder for Men & Women, further makes digestion easy and causes no bloating or gas issues with long term and heavy usage too. Even for Beginners.


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