Zenzi Just Soda | Unflavoured Soda, Pack of 12 (350ml Each) | Zero Sugar & Zero Calories Sparkling Mixer | 100% Natural Carbonated Water | Alternative For Soft Drink | Plain Soda Water



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Taste: Unable to make up your mind about what to cool you down? Presenting Zenzis Just Soda, sparkling mixer. Breathe in and open the cap. Exhale when you hear the pop sound of the calorie-free bubbles. Close your eyes and take a sip. Enjoy the refreshing taste of all-natural Zenzi Soda flowing through your soul.
Adds fizz to your cocktails or mocktails: Zenzi is Indias first botanical-infused sparkling water. Adds a great fizz to all mocktails and cocktails.Can be enjoyed on the rocks or as a standalone drink.
Ingredients & Shelf Life: This fizzy, sparkling water lasts for 6 months. It is made of only carbonated water.
All-time favourite for special occasions: Blend your mocktails or cocktails with just soda without giving up on the fizz we love!


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