Abyssaly 3D Peel and Stick Wall Pane Foam Self-Adhesive Wallpaper DIY Waterproof Modern Style for Living Room Bedroom Kitchen Background Wall Decoration (4 pcs of 70 x 77 CM | 23.20 Sq. Feet Coverage) (White-Brick)




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? 【High-quality polyethylene foam】: Abyssaly 3D wall panels can effectively reduce the phthalate content compared to 3D PVC wall panels. Back Glue: Pressure sensitive adhesive, formaldehyde free, and contains no heavy metals or formamide. Formamide has potentially serious effects on human health, and long-term exposure can harm the human reproductive system
? 【Not only beautiful but also practical】 Thickness: 6mm, much thicker than others. It looks luxurious, which can satisfy the vision without looking too heavy (faked) or leads to a greater sense of spatial tightness. These soundproof soft wallpapers are suitable for babys play area, play the role of anti-collision and sound insulation, providing a safe and quiet space for you and your baby.
? 【Waterproof and washable, always new】 Water will not be absorbed by Abyssaly 3D tile wall decals, preventing peeling or yellowing due to moisture. As long as you gently wipe the surface of the wall decals with a damp cloth, you can clean traces of paint, oil pastels, or markers, so you dont worry about smudging. Easy to clean and the wall will always be new.
? 【Easy to tear, easy to stick】 Wall stickers have extremely high adhesion, no need to worry about them falling off. We choose excellent quality adhesive paper, which can be easily removed without letting your hands get full of glue. However, we recommend cleaning the original wall before pasting the wallpaper. A smooth and flat wall can strengthen the adhesion with 3D wall panels and extend the wearing time.
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