Umadiya® Latest Designed Roller Skates with Break for Kids Adjustable Inline Skating Shoe Age 5 r)



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✔ HIGH-QUALITY ULTRA DURABLE ROLLER SKATES :- Umadiya New Style Attractive Roller Skates For Kids : Smooth rolling wheels,High quality material ,start your training with this adjustable quad roller skates for kids. Convenient with two easy-adjusting buckles, these skates secure firmly the feet. Attractive Roller Skates For Kids
✔SMOOTHEST RIDE POSSIBLE:- Toe stop brakes: Breaks on front of the skates while skating to stop .
✔Color: BLUE-RED-PINK Unisex: Ideal For Home & School Practicing.for age upto 12 yrs depending on the foot size. Weight Up To 40 kg.
✔ DESIGNED WITH SAFETY IN MIND :- Adjustable length & Comfortable: adjustable roller skates for a custom fit. It has two clips under bottom of skates use those clips for size adjustment,Laces up front for firm fit,Adjustable soft belts for comfortable wearing
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