On The Go Hair Removal Spray for Men Pack of 1 (200ml) | Painless Body Hair Removal Cream Spray For Back, Chest, Legs, Arms, Under Arms & Intimate Areas | Post Hair Removal Cream (50gm )



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Spray in any direction: The only Hair Removal Spray in India with a 360-degree Nozzle allows you to spray in any direction. It is a one-of-a-kind Nozzle that helps users reach difficult areas easily. Easy to reach in Intimate Areas.
Remove hair in less than 10 minutes: Svish hair removal cream spray removes unwanted hair in less than 10 minutes from the chest, back, legs, arms, and intimate areas. Read the instruction manual for detailed usage.
Made with ALOE VERA, which provides a soothing effect, WITCH HAZEL which reduces the chances of inflammation, CHAMOMILE which helps reduces the chances of redness, SHEA BUTTER for extra moisture on the skin.
Ammonia-free smell: Svish Hair Removal Spray is made with natural essential oils from Spain, removing the unwanted bad smell.


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