Beclina Mini Frying Pan with Lid - Set of 1 (Carbon Steel, 41.2x24.4x4.7cm) | Non-Stick Cookware Set | Cast-Iron Cookware | Non-Stick Egg Fry Pan | Stove and Induction Compatible | Kitchen Essentials



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Premium Material: The fried egg pan is made of high-quality carbon steel, which can provide exceptional heat retention and distribution than traditional cast iron pans. Meanwhile, the handle has properties of heat insulation and protects your hand from being burnt.
Rust resistant: The non-stick coating of the pan ensures the least possible consumption of oil and is apt for all health-conscious people. In addition, the pan is equipped with a tempered transparent glass lid that is resistant to high temperature, pressure, and explosion.
Multi-purpose Application: The nonstick egg frying pan is suitable for all types of cooking and frying, it’s compatible with both gas stoves and induction cookers.
Nonstick and Easy Cleaning: The fried egg pan has a non-stick marble stone coating which is harmless and non-stick, and very easy to clean with water after cooking. Just use a soft sponge or cloth to remove oil stains easily.


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