Kozicare Skin Lightening Serum Enriched with 2% Kojic Acid, 1% Glutathione, 5% Mulberry Extract, 1% Arbutin, 0.20% Allantoin |Maximum Brightening for Face, Neck & Body | Reduces Dark Spots, Hyperpigmentation -30ml



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7 POWERFULL INGRIDENTS:- 2% Kojic Acid, 1% Glutathione, 5% Mulberry Extract , 1% Arbutin ,0.50% Liquorice Extract , 0.50% Niacinamide , 0.20% Allantoin. More than 5,00,000 Customers has tried and experienced change Using our Serum.
PROMOTES HEALTHY SKIN: - Kozicare skin Lightening serum formula works deeply in the skin to whiten and reduce wrinkles, dark spots, and hyperpigmentation, scars, discoloration, Brightening and Smoother Skin.
GLOWING COMPLEXION - Acne and other skin conditions leave your complexion looking red and uneven. The Kozicare Skin Lightening Serum found in our formula supports healthy skin by naturally reducing inflammation, correcting dark spots, and soothing troubled skin
BEST FOR: - The Lightening Serum can be used generously on all parts of the face. Kojic Acid, Glutathione formulation will produce visible changes with evening and brightening your tone while helping to improve clarity, texture and overall appearance.


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