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MuscleBlaze Fuel One Weight Gainer (Chocolate Bliss,Pack of 1 kg / 1.1 lb powder)



35% Off


CALORIES IN ABUNDANCE: A healthy weight gain depends greatly on a healthy dosage of calories every day. MuscleBlaze Fuel One Weight Gainer 1 kg provides 1401 kcal per three servings with skimmed milk to fuel your muscles
PREMIUM QUALITY PROTEIN: The bulking process is supported by including a much-needed protein in your diet. MB Fuel One Weight Gainer Protein Powder accomplishes the aim by providing up to 52.5 g of protein from every three servings with skimmed milk to help build lean muscle mass
HIGH-QUALITY CARBS: MB Fuel One Weight Gainer is a carbohydrate powerhouse. Three servings per day provide up to 281.4 g of carbs and keep you energised for long. The calories derived from quality simple and complex carbs work jointly to optimize the glycogen levels and provide energy for your workouts
27 VITAMINS & MINERALS: Fuel One Weight Gainer Supplement is a host of a whopping 27 vitamins and minerals. Vitamin A, C, D, K, Calcium, Zinc, and other added elements help bridge the nutrient gaps, boost immunity and performance


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