Viozy Satin Pillow Covers Set of 2 | Silk Pillow Cases for Hair and Skin | Satin Pillow Covers for Hair | Silk Pillow case | Hair scrunchies for Women 3Pcs.



Make in india Startup : Viozy satin pillow covers are easy to wash. Our silk pillow case has universal pillow size that fits for all Cushion. Viozy silk pillow cover has been made with premium quality cloath and threads as well that is lasts long as it is new. Viozy takes care of customers as it takes care thus it is described as satin pillow covers for hair & silk pillow cases for hair and skin.
Soft Satin silk : Viozy satin pillow covers has good softness that feels to be peaceful while in bed.
Scrunchies for women : Viozy Satin scrunchies for women are complementary to customers that taks care of women hairs and skin. Viozy Silk pillow cases for hair and skin are also good for hair and skin care takers while in bed. Hair ties for women as satin scrunchies & silk scrunchies gives lustrous look. Satin hair scrunchies for women is great for thick or thin hair.
Quality Material : 100% Polyester Satin Viozysatin pillow case comes with silk scrunchie hair tie for women (3 Pack). This satin pillowcase and satin hair scrunchies for women is made of top quality fabric. For every purchase of satin pillowcase set , you get a 3 pack of satin scrunchie for FREE. Silk pillow cover for hair and skin is available in 12 colors to fulfill everyones taste.


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