FYA Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Cordless,8500PA Hand Vacuum Cordless Rechargeable with,Car Vacuum with 500ML Dustbin,Wet/Dry Hand Held Vacuum Cleaner,Portable Vacuum for Home,Car,Pet Hair-1696316937




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【Upgraded 8500PA Strong Suction Power】The upgraded cordless handheld vacuum provides up to 8.5kPa strong cyclonic suction power, which is twice as strong as the average handheld vacuum cleaner. Can cleaning dust, water stains, crumbs and pet hair in cars, sofas, walls, stairs and other hard-to-reach places.
【Cordless Design & LED Light】 This cordless cleaner is portable to cleaning your home, car or narrow corners.The handheld mini vacuum can operate at low frequencies below 70dB, which sounds less annoying and gives you a quiet cleaning experience. The handheld vacuum cleaner has a large-capacity (500ml) dustbowl to meet the need of cleaning your entire car easily.Handheld Car vacuum cordless has bright LED lights, no more worries about being cleaning in a dimly lit corner or at night.
【Wet Dry Handheld Vacuum】FYA handheld cordless vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special waterproof accessory, which means that you can use this vacuum cleaner not only to suck up dust, but also to clean water stains (coffee, milk, juice, etc.).The material of the filter is non-woven fabric, which can be cleaned dust with clean water. The dust buster filter can block dust particles from entering the motor to the greatest extent, effectively protect the motor and alleviate the drop in suction.
【Car Vacuum Cleaner】This small vacuum is not only suitable for home, but also a good helper for your car cleaning. It equipped with crevice nozzle tool and brush. Whether it is in the kitchen, living room, bedroom or car, air conditioner fan blades, carpet or sofa gap, as long as this wireless vacuum is there, dust and hair will have nowhere to hide.You can also connect the cigarette lighter in your car and use the vacuum cleaner with a cable.No need to worry about battery power.

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