Otoroys Bike Safety Single Rod Leg Guard (Single Side Open) Crash Guard Black Heavy Duty Performance for Splendor/Splendor Plus/Splendor PRO-1696315716




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The Heavy-Duty Metal Body Double-Side Open Rod Leg Guard is an essential accessory designed specifically for the Splendor, Splendor Plus, and Splendor PRO motorcycles.
It is designed to protect the riders legs and the bikes engine in the event of a collision or an accident.
The leg guard is constructed using high-quality metal that provides excellent durability and strength. The double-side open rod design provides enhanced protection to the riders legs and also protects the engine and other critical components of the motorcycle from damage.
The metal body of the leg guard also enhances the overall aesthetics of the motorcycle, giving it a rugged and muscular look. The leg guard is easy to install and comes with all the necessary hardware required for installation.

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