GNC Triple Strength Fish Oil 1500mg Omega-3 Supplement - 1500mg of Omega 3s including 540 mg EPA & 360 mg DHA - (60 Softgels)



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✓ TRIPLE STRENGTH OF HIGHLY ABSORBABLE EPA & DHA: These clinical-grade fish oil capsules contain 3 times more EPA and DHA (900mg) to let your body absorb omega 3s in an efficient way than single-strength capsules.
✓ SOURCED FROM DEEP-OCEAN FISHES: Extracted from deep-ocean fishes that are less exposed to pollutants oil spills and other harmful chemicals, this omega 3 fish oil presents a contaminant-free variety for safe consumption.
✓ ULTRA-PURE FORMULA: The extracted omega 3 fish oil is further subjected to a highly advanced multi-step purification process for delivering a super-pure concentrate with zero detectable levels of mercury, lead, heavy metals, and PCBs.
✓ IMPROVED HEART AND BRAIN FUNCTIONS: Each high-potent omega 3 capsule packed with triple-strength EPA and DHA promotes better heart activity and brain performance.


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