SKOFRI Wiper Car Window Cleaner 3 in 1 Spray Type Cleaning Easy Glass Wiper Window Cleaning Wiper Spray Bottle Sprayer Glass Wiper Window Mirror Cleaning for Bathroom Tiles,Table, Office, car



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→ ▶ The microfiber scrubber cloth on one side to clean windows, durable squeegee on the other side to remove water, practical and achieving maximum cleaning performance with minimal effort.
→ ▶ This window scraper features a non-slip handle that is ergonomically designed, it easier to hold and clean the handle, very practical cleaning tool.
→ ▶ This window shower scraper has high quality silicone strips, silicone squeegee blade can be used for a really long time and keeping your expensive window or mirror away from extra damages and scratches.
→ ▶ Shower squeegee on any flat smooth surface quickly, can also be used for cleaning residue or marks on tables, windows and car windshield. When use, please wet the operation surface with water first.


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