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Kyari Live Sansevieria Green Snake Plant With White Self-Watering Pot, Air Purification, Stress Reliever, Good Luck, Feng Shui, Low Maintenance Indoor Plant, Home & Office Décor



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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions of the pot: Height 11 cm & Diameter 9 cm | Dimensions of the reservoir: Height 5 cm & Diameter 9 cm | Pot Material: Plastic | Pot colour: White | Name of the plant: Sansevieria Green Snake Plant | Special features: Air purification, Good Luck, Feng Shui, Low Maintenance | Packaging details: Single Sansevieria Green Snake Plant with self-watering pot
HOW DOES IT WORK: The self-watering pot stores any excess water in the reservoir underneath. The roots then absorb the water via capillary action. The self-watering pot makes it easier to care for the plant as the plants can get water as and when required from the reservoir and you will have to water it less. As these require minimal care, they are the perfect plants for your office or home. The reservoir will prevent any spillage or leakage from the pot onto your desk or tabletop.
CARE INSTRUCTIONS: The Sansevieria Green Snake Plant is easy to care for. It should be kept in moderate to bright indirect sunlight. In summer, it should be watered once every 2 weeks. However, watering should be less frequent in winter; i.e. only once a month. For better growth of the plant, repotting is important. It should be done every 1-2 years during late winter or early spring.
BENEFITS & DECOR: Due to its pointed leaves, the Sansevieria Green Snake Plant is also known as "Devils Tongue." It improves mental wellness & reduces stress. Snake Plant is believed to bring good luck & positivity in Feng Shui. The rosette shape & emerald green colour of the leaves will give the interior of your house or workplace a pleasing appearance. You can set it down on your work desk, coffee table, living room, or bed.


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