The Man CompanyPerfumed Body Wash - Bergamot & Mandarin Body Wash | Shower Gel for Glowing & Bright Skin | Richness of Turmeric & Orange Peel Extract | Long Lasting Fragrance | Toxin-Free - 200 ml



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Gently Cleanses: Our energizing Body Wash gently cleanses the skin of all the dust and dirt without ripping off its natural moisture. The presence of ingredients like Bergamot & Mandarin ensures that your bathing experience feels like zesting in the morning sun.

Long-Lasting Fragrance: The Man Company Body Wash with Bergamot & Mandarin leaves you smelling like a dream for long hours on a stretch. Your bathing experience will feel close to unwinding in a sunlit citrus orchard.; Energises the Skin: If your skin feels lazy and sleepy even after waking up, you need our energising soap free shower gel in your life. It will leave you feeling awakened and glowing like the morning hued sun.

Adds a Youthful Glow: Our Body Wash does not just stop at energising your skin, but it also adds a glow, lending a youthful and radiant look. The citrusy magic of Bergamot & Mandarin ensures that you keep glowing like the sun, just all day long.

SLS & Paraben-Free: The Man Company Body Wash is free of chemicals like SLS and parabens to deliver natural love to your skin. Every time you come across the product, it will feel like the goodness of nature is trapped inside it.


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