GROOTS Detox Foot Pad, Foot Detox Patch to Remove Body Toxins - for Stress Relief Sleep, Improves Circulation & Metabolism, Herbal Ingredient,for Men & Women (Pack Of 1)



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PRODUCED WITH ALL NATURAL, ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Here at Groots, we ensure that each foot patch is curated with all natural and organic ingredients. Why? Because we stand behind our product, and want our valued customers to get the best products and results! We are THE ONLY COMPANY that uses FRESH ingredients, not mass produced. To provide YOU with THE BEST results!
HEALTH BENEFITS: Foot Pads activate skin cells and boost blood circulation. Our Groots footpads boost metabolism, energy and improve your immune system, as well as providing fast relief from stress, pain, fatigue, anxiety, sore, hangover & constipation. Our calming foot pads will limit body odour, eliminate skin imperfections and revive your body. The perfect choice for men, women, adults and kids that want to relax and enjoy restful, deep sleep.
HOW TO USE: You will receive 10 Groots foot pads for a 5 day cleaning! Just take them out of the package and stick them on. They’re easy to use, disposable, and leave no mess. Learn all about how exactly to use them.
: Our Groots feet patches have been rigorously tested, and our customers have confirmed that they are proven to work! We’re so sure that you will enjoy your foot patches.


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