La Forte Lunch Box,1000ml Box for Adults and Kids, Leakproof Portable Meal Box, BPA-Free (Pink)



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High Quality Material- This lunch box is made of food grade PP5 material, which is both beautiful and practical, BPA free, non-toxic and odourless, safe and leak-proof, easy to clean, perfect for children and students, as well as office workers.
Divider Design- This lunch box has multiple compartments to separate food and ensure it doesnt get smelly. You can put noodles, chicken, fruit, snacks and other food in the lunch box and enjoy your meal anytime, anywhere.
Safe and leak-proof- The lunch box has 4 clasps to close the box tightly. The inner seal prevents leaks and seals well; the lunchbox measures 23*17*4.6cm, weighs 380g and has a capacity of 1100-1400ml, enough to keep your food on the go.
Lunch box set- The lunch box comes with a spoon and Fork, so you dont have to worry about forgetting your cutlery


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