Carbamide Forte BCAA PRO Supplement for Men & Women 15g Serving with L-Glutamine & L-Citrulline | Max Strength BCAA Powder with 1168.5mg Electrolyte Blend & Vitamin B6 Supplement - Green Apple Flavour - 225g



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✔ MAX STRENGTH BCAA PRO WITH 15g SERVING FOR MAX PERFORMANCE: Our BCAA PRO Powder for Men & Women has an ideal 2:1:1 ratio with 3.5g Leucine, 1.75g Isoleucine and 1.75g Valine, which helps prevent muscle breakdown during workouts, muscle repair and aids in post-workout recovery. It is also absorbed better & increases the bodys ability to recover, restore, and protect.
✔ FASTER MUSCLE RECOVERY & REDUCED MUSCLE SORENESS Our BCAA pre workout powder helps you to build muscle, decrease muscle fatigue, and alleviate muscle soreness which other bcaa eaa supplement for men & women don’t . With CF BCAA Pro, you get a legendary formula to set off your own fitness journey and reverse the body’s natural tendency to break down muscle. helping delay the "burn" and reducing fatigue during intense training and workouts to help you push yourself that little bit further
✔ POWERFUL ELECTROLYTES BLEND 1168.5mg FOR INSTANT HYDRATION : Our BCAA Protein Powder includes valuable electrolytes like Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate & Potassium Chloride Powder, which other bcaa powder for men & women gym supplements don’t, to help rehydrate, refuel & rebuild after a strenuous workout or activity for athletes and anyone who wants to improve their performance.
✔ FUEL YOUR WORKOUTS WITH FAT BURN & INSTANT ENERGY RELEASE: Our BCAA for male & female gym goers supplement is enhanced with L-Glutamine & L-Citrulline, which other bcaa for men & women weight loss supplements don’t, to give your muscles the fuel they need to perform to train longer, harder, and with more intensity. It also facilitates fat loss so that you can get a lean physique while promoting the growth of new muscle.


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