Chemist at Play Acne Control Face Serum with 10% Azelaic Acid, 10% Niacinamide and Ceramides, Fades Acne Scars, Controls Breakouts and Oil Production Suitable for Women and Men, 30 ml



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REDUCES ACNE & SKIN INFLAMMATION: Our serum has 10% azelaic acid that deeply cleanses the pores that may cause painful breakouts. It also helps reduce inflammation, calming down any irritation on the skin.
FADES AWAY ACNE & OTHER FACIAL SCARS: Niacinamide is a type of protein that helps keep the skin firm and healthy, improves lipid barrier and is clinically proven to reduce acne and other types of facial scars in about 2 weeks. Regular usage helps calm down any sort of skin inflammation while clearing up your skin in no time.
CONTROLS OIL PRODUCTION: Our serum helps keep those oil glands in control by keeping excess sebum production in check. Apply it twice daily (yes, even under your makeup) and leave those greasy face days behind.
IMPROVES THE SKINS BARRIER: The proud acne-fighting due or azelaic acid and niacinamide not only prevents pimples from having a gala time on your face but with regular use, our serum helps repair the skin barrier, prevent your skin from external damage and even against the suns wrath.


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