Hindware Smart Appliances Caeli Brown Star rated Ceiling Fan 1200MM 425 RPM Energy Efficient Silent Air Delivery Fan for Home comes with 52 W copper motor and aerodynamic blades-1697902611




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Deep cleaning, dust repellency, multi-surface cleaner and remover finger marks - 5 litreSpeed: With a speed of 425 rpm and high air delivery output of 215 m³/min, it effectively and smoothly distributes air to every corner of the room
Motor: Silent ceiling fan has powerful and effective 100% copper motor which ensures its long life. Power consumption is only 52W makes it 1 Star Product
Double ball Bearing : Ensures silent and smoother operation
Warranty: This ceiling fan for the home comes with a 2-year warranty on manufacturing defects.
Super High Speed : This fan comes with 425 RPM as highest in the industry for 1200mm.

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