KYARI Minimalistic White Floral t with Stand, Rust-Free Powder Coated Metal, Indoor & Outdoor Use, Home & Office Decor, Plants Not Included, Pot Size: 10*13cm, Stand Height: 7.5cm



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Dimensions of the pot: Height 10 cm & Diameter 13 cm | Stand Height: 7.5 cm | Drainage Hole: 0.6 cm | Material: Metal | Shape: Apple | Colour of the pot: White | Colour of the stand: Golden | Print: Floral | Packaging Detail: 1 metal pot with stand
Rust is the enemy of metal. The powder coating on this product acts as a barrier against rust making it last longer. This products durability and high quality make it the right choice for your urban jungle. It can be used with a variety of planters.
Make a solution of mild detergent and warm water. Use a cloth or sponge to clean the product and buff dry with a soft cloth. Do not use cleaning products containing harsh chemicals as that may damage the product.
The Minimalistic White Floral Apple Pot has a unique design and an exquisite appearance. The classic white colour complements indoor decor and the beautiful floral print reflects minimalism. In addition to beautifying your indoor spaces, it is also a great companion for your plants. The pot comes with a drainage hole to drain out excess water.


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