Anveya Colorisma Hair Color Makeup - Champagne Gold, 30ml | Temporary 1-Day 1-Wash | DIY Instant Hair Color Makeup for Men & Women | No Bleach, No Ammonia, No Damage



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TEMPORARY 1-WASH HAIR COLOR MAKEUP: Colorisma is a temporary, washable MAKEUP FOR HAIR that is game-changing for those who love switching up hair colours. This cream-based Hair Color Makeup forms a coating of colour on your hair thats easily WASHABLE, allowing you to move on to your next look in minutes.
COMMITMENT-FREE, SWITCH IN MINUTES: Experiment and play with your hair without the worry of commitment or the bleach drama with our 1-Wash Hair Color Makeup. Yes, its a MAKEUP FOR HAIR. Because, switching the color-makeup and washing it, is easier than changing your lipstick.
2-MINUTE APPLICATION BY HAND. NO GLOVES, NO BRUSH, NO DRAMA: Just squeeze out the color-makeup onto your fingertips and apply it to the strands evenly. Simply wash off the colour from your hands. Blow dry and youre good to rock your look for the day. Wash your hair later for the hair makeup to wash off.
VEGAN, ZERO-DAMAGE: Colorisma Temporary 1-wash Hair Color Makeup is a NO BLEACH and NO AMMONIA formula. It gives a vibrant nourishing color that is absolutely Zero Damage and 100% Vegan. Did we tell you that it smells amazing? Made for ALL HAIR TYPES. Made for Indian Hair.


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