Roots Ban the Fall Hair Oil-in Serum, 120ml | For Hair Fall in Women | Prevents Hair Thinning & Removes Scalp Infection | With Onion Oil & Chamomile Oil



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Experience 26% reduced hair loss in 30 days. With its juicy texture and yummy fragrance, Ban-the-fall hair serum works by increasing multiplication of hair follicles and helping with strengthening the roots.
HOW TO USE: Apply the Oil-in-hair serum on scalp and hair from midshaft to ends, and then rinse clean. Serum thats so easy and super fun to use, you actually enjoy your haircare routine.
Ingredients that get the job done. Ban-the-fall is carefully curated with Roots Biotech- Basil Extract, the king of herbs extracted with advanced technology that allows growth of hair from the follicles. The onion oil prevents breakage and split-ends. Chamomile oil helps against dandruff and soothes dry and itchy scalp while Vitamin E hydrates the hair shaft.
Co-created with Nikita Upadhyay, it has been crafted with everything your hair loves. This serum is made with absolutely Zero Nasties, Vegan and Cruelty free ingredients and a touch of love. The amalgamation of expertise and technology to address womens hair loss to give you confidence to slay the word.


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