Shopper52 Charcoal Portable Folding Barbeque Barbecue Grill for Camping Garden Outdoor Cooking Fun - BBQ



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Unique Briefcase Design With Handle. Cook Delicious Barbecued Meals With Ease, No Matter Where You Are Ideal For Taking To Parties, Picnics, Festivals And More. Unlatch the lid, fold the legs out, toss in your charcoal and you are ready to grill
Cooking Tools has a slot inside for better organization. High Heat Searing Capability. It has a non-stick cooking base for easy Grilling & Tandoor. Portable & Easy Folding. Height of product: 46cm Fire pan size: 44 x 27cm Fire pan thickness: 0.5mm;Barbecue wire mesh diameter: 3mm Working table height: 21cm Fuel: charcoal
Material: carbon steel . It is compact with 4 foldable legs, just like a suitcase when folded
Multi-purpose: outdoor barbecue, house barbecue, winter heating, etc


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