Natures Nectar Raw Ogganic Honey 400g | 100% Pure NMR Tested Honey | Raw and Unprocessed | NPOP Certified Organic



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Pure Raw organic honey, collected from the Virgin Tropical forests of Sundarbans. It matches the international quality standards and is packed under stringent conditions to ensure natural aroma, flavor, and nutritional values. It is often considered as a healthier choice.
Organic honey is produced through sustainable beekeeping practices. Our certified Beekeepers follow guidelines for organic honey production and are in more synergy with the environment around them. This Organic honey comes from the organic honey certified project in Sundarbans.
NMR* tested,Free from adulteration, C3-C4 sugars, pesticides, and chemicals. Quality and safety as per national and international standards (FSSAI, FSS, BRC). It contains a multitude of nutrients including Vitamin C, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium which help boost energy and build up the immune system.
NPOP Certified Organic By Lacon


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