Aromahpure Premium Car Perfume Fragrance Flakes - Addiction - ‘Leather Fragrance’ Luxury Car Air Freshener made Organically with Essential Oil, Grains, and Flakes - 50Gms, Refresh your car for 30 days



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Best Car Perfume: Transform your car with an aromatic fragrance of Aromahpure Premium Fragrance Flakes Car Fragrance and recreate the magic of a brand-new car. The Aromahpure Premium Flakes Car Air Freshener is suitable for all cars be it a Sedan, Hatchback, or SUV with bigger cabin space.
Adds Luxury to your Car Perfume: The elite and elegant pouch of Aromahpure premium flakes Car Perfume enhances the interior of your car and is also well suited for the luxury line segment. It can be hung on your rear mirror, has a perfect size, and does not block the view of the driver.
Addiction: A leather scent always gives a special touch. Tough, animalistic, sensual, delicate, and powerful, or soft and supple. Tobacco has a rich, masculine aroma thats herbaceous, woody, and even a little bit powdery. This Air Freshener for Car can be one of the best choices for your car.
Long-Lasting Car Air Freshener: The Aromahpure Premium flakes Car Perfume absorbs bad odors and diffuses the aromatherapy fragrance in your surroundings for a guaranteed period of 30 days even in the worst monsoon conditions. The Car fragrance is maintained at a perfect level that doesn’t overpower your nose from day 1 and maintains the same level of aroma till day 30.


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