Pintola Dark Chocolate & Cranberry Muesli with 25% Millet & 60% Wholegrains 400g, Cereals for Breakfast with 6 Varied Nuts & Seeds, No Preservatives, High Protein Muesli, Fibre Rich, Cholesterol Free-1697053973

Tasty and healthy breakfast cereal for your family!



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Deep cleaning, dust repellency, multi-surface cleaner and remover finger marks - 5 litre100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Made with only the finest natural ingredients, our dark chocolate muesli offers a wholesome and guilt-free indulgence. Our muesli contains no preservatives or artificial flavours, ensuring a truly authentic and healthy experience.
25% MILLET CONTENT & TOTAL 60% WHOLE GRAINS : Packed with the goodness of millet and whole grains, our muesli provides a nourishing blend of corn, bajra, jowar, jumbo rolled oats, ragi, and brown rice flakes. These grains provide a wholesome source of fibre, vitamins, and minerals for a nutritious breakfast. Millet content which is probably the highest ever!
HELPS IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Thoughtfully crafted muesli with diverse grains, supports weight loss management, sustained energy, and satisfaction from whole grains and seeds. Start your day on a nourishing note.
ABUNDANCE OF FRUITS, NUTS & SEEDS: Our muesli is loaded with a variety of nutritious ingredients. With 22% fruits, nuts, and seeds, including almonds, dates, black raisins, cranberries, watermelon seeds, and pumpkin seeds, every bite is packed with flavour and crunch.
FIBRE & PROTEIN POWERHOUSE: Start your day with a healthy boost! Our muesli is a great source of protein and fibre, providing you with sustained energy and promoting digestive health.
GLUTEN-FREE, CHOESTROL-FREE, & NO MAIDA: Perfect for dietary restrictions. No maida, ensuring a wholesome breakfast. Indulge in the delightful dark chocolate taste while staying true to your dietary needs.
RICH DARK CHOCOLATE MIX: Enjoy the luxurious taste of 18% dark chocolate mix, carefully crafted with premium Belgian dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and organic jaggery. Indulge in the perfect balance of sweetness and rich chocolate flavour.

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