Little Olive Munchkin Scooter for Kids of 3+ Years 3 Adjustable Height, Foldable, LED PU Wheels Kids Scooter with Brakes



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Highest level of safety certification – Our scooters comply with EN71, IS, and BIS certifications. This makes it one of the safest products in the market.
We request you to refer to the YouTube video and also follow the below for opening the handle bar. 1. Press the red button gently, in case its not there you can skip this step.
2. Place your hand on the front part of the scooter. Please don’t try to open the scooter by placing your hand in front and then pulling the scooter from back. 3. Pull the top part of the handle, forward and upwards. Please note the handle needs to be opened by pushing the front part forward and upwards. Don’t press the back part of the scooter, as it wont open.
Please note if you are unable to open the scooter handle and press the red button too hard, it will break.


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