Cutting EDGE High Borosilicate Glass Lunch Box Food Container Tiffin 840ML Box with Air Vent Lid (Set of 4)



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FOOD GRADE BOROSILICATE GLASS - These containers are BPA Free and food safe, these containers never release any chemicals in your food and are odourfree, stainfree, scratch-resistant.
LEAKPROOF GLASS CONTAINERS: Like some other containers, Cutting EDGE Brorosilicate glass containers dont leak the liquid like milk, juices, gravies etc. Masala, Spices, Ceramic, Spice, Pickle can also be Stored. The remaining leftover food in these can be stored in Containers and put these containers inside Fridge with Food.
GASKET FOR AIRTIGHT & SEAL: A high grade silicone gasket is used to make these glass containers 100 % Airtight. And this ring can be removed to clean it.
STURDY DETACHABLE HINGED LOCK : These detachable lock/clip containers have no breakage or stiffness in lids, its smooth to remove and re-attach the locks.


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